Our Approach

The Thelo Group offers a holistic, cross-cutting solution to unlock Africa’s development potential, with the aim of leaving a lasting legacy to advance economic development.

  • A fully integrated, fit-for-purpose transport and logistic model for Africa
  • Driven by a trusted, independent African partner
  • With a strategic role in the development, operation and management of regional development corridors

Developing regional transport and logistics systems is both technically and capital intensive, requiring an experienced champion:

By offering an integrated Transport & Logistics model, the Thelo Group rises to this challenge by leveraging a tried-and-tested approach:

  • Track record in delivering large rail infrastructure corridors and national projects, as well as supporting rolling stock.
  • Full value-chain expertise for railway and ports infrastructure projects with unique solutions for freight owners, developers and operators.
  • A unique blend of competencies that combines technical expertise with project structuring and funding mobilisation.
  • With services covering the entire project lifecycle, from concept to training, technology, operations, and maintenance management.
  • Successful Rail and Port Management Agreement (R&PMA) utilised to deliver projects – supporting national rail and port operators to enhance their capacity to develop and operate transportation infrastructure effectively.
  • Acting as an independent partner to strengthen African infrastructure development and operations.
  • Focused on commercial as well as development returns that supports both inter-continental and intra-continental trade as well as manufacturing.

A fully integrated multi-user, multi-freight, transport and logistics model for Africa will advance mobility and sustainable socio-economic development on the continent:

Along with our “best-of-global-breed” partners, we combine global and local experience and capacity to deliver end-to-end solutions for projects of any scale and size, with the aim of achieving exponential outcomes:

  • Planning and delivering the requisite infrastructure
  • Ensuring operational efficiencies
  • Increasing trade efficiencies
  • Unlocking finance to invest in and grow networks, systems and operations in an integrated manner
  • Enabling economic diversification
  • Prioritising training, skills development and job creation for African citizens
  • Catalysing economic supply chains and additional revenue from downstream activities
  • Enhancing sustainable execution for long-term project success

The African challenge-opportunity dynamic will see viable commercial interventions unlocking critical development potential:

Africa’s infrastructure deficit results in strong demand for commercial investment in industrial and infrastructure projects. DFIs and other financiers play a critical role in plugging the finance gap required to finance development and supporting Africa’s infrastructure needs.

Integrated transport solutions are key to unlocking African market opportunities, along with meeting the challenges of underdeveloped transportation infrastructure, energy constraints and a lack of industrial capacity. Current market failures and challenges require an African solution that will develop and integrate national and regional logistics systems.

The cost of repositioning integrated rail, rolling stock, and ports systems as key drivers for economic development may be substantial; however, the cost of doing nothing will be far greater.